Four Common Curtain Styles

- Sep 19, 2019-

The window is an important part of the room, just like the human eye, through which you can see everything outside. Therefore, as the best ornament of windows - curtains, the choice is that we need to pay special attention to. Because it is classical, fashionable, or romantic, all affect the overall decorative aesthetic feeling of the room. Here are four common curtain styles.


1. European style living room and bedroom curtains are mainly golden red, brown yellow, purple red, mercerizing or containing gold thread, curtain head is mainly wavy, common pattern is horizontal or vertical, vertical stripe is oblique shape.

2. Warm tones in Chinese style are mainly coffee, brown or matte tones. The patterns are mainly dark flowers and small fragments. They are solemn and steady. It is suitable for ordinary flat curtain head, decorating flower balls in the middle position, matching with mahogany furniture, sheepskin wood thread ceiling lamp, tea sets and low-pan peony flowers.

3. The modern style living room is simple and generous, with obvious permeability. The curtain is mainly Jacquard and rotten flowers. The curtain head has various styles, and the effect of crystal lace is better. Jewelry can be matched with some pearls or bows, white bed feathers, lilies, roses, bedding to yarn or lace-based.

4. British idyllic large or small flower patterns, mainly fake curtain, curtain head with crystal lace or lotus leaf edge; table cloth with lace edge, lace basket decoration.