Grey And Powder Soft Home Furnishing, Soft And Warm, You Deserve To Have

- Apr 13, 2019-

The combination of gray and powder is a classic match between the Nordic style and the INS style. The gray can enhance the comfort and cleanliness of the home, while the faint pink can make the house more warm. The match between the two is simply It is a perfect fit.


The Nordic style is actually simple and generous, fresh and natural, so our mix does not need too complicated design, just need to match the right color in the right place, you can have a good effect.


Grey fabric sofas can be used in the living room. The grey fabric sofas look comfortable and simple. To avoid being too single, use pink pillows to soften the cool temperament. It will be better with a furry blanket and will feel warmer.


Such a match is also good, white porcelain deck, put on a gray fabric mat, pink white pillow, does it look very comfortable, even want to lie down to feel the soft touch? The combination of gray powder has such an effect. The design of the deck is stylish and beautiful, and it can also be used as storage space. In short, the function is very powerful.

 fabric sofa


Not only can the living room sofa be used in this way, but the restaurant's deck can also be designed in this way, which must be different from other people's homes.

In addition to the living room sofa area, the bedroom is also the place we spend the longest time, and the comfort of the bedroom is even higher, because we will rest here, the layout is good, our sleep will be better, and it will benefit us. Life and work.

The bedroom can be matched like this, the bedding is light pink, the powder is tender and comfortable, and the floor is covered with a gray carpet to make the bedroom more warm.


Or we can also arrange this, white pillows, gray sheets are covered, the same simple and beautiful, especially suitable for girls to live, fresh and natural, pink and tender, soft and lovely.

 home textile

Gray powder is very flat and light color, not very impactful color, so it is especially suitable at home, it can make people feel comfortable and peaceful visually. If your home is such a soft dress, I believe it will return. At home, even if you are tired, you will feel very worried.