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- May 17, 2019-

If the fabric sofa lacks cooking, it will not only become dirty, but also easily damaged.

Here are some tips for curing.


After the cloth sofa is purchased, it is best to spray a cloth cleaning agent first to prevent the adsorption of dirty oil and water. For example, the ketone ketone spray on the market has a dustproof effect and can be sprayed once a month.

Dust removal

Fabric fibers tend to retain dust and dirt. First use a dry towel to pat, remove the dust, and wipe the cloth with a wet towel. If there is a vacuum cleaner, the dust removal effect will be better, but do not use the suction brush to prevent damage to the thread on the woven fabric. Avoid excessive suction, otherwise the thread may be torn off. The vacuum cleaner can be fitted with a flat tip to adjust the suction to medium strength to remove dust from the slits of the sofa. Either way, the armrests, cushions and gaps of the sofa are the areas where the neon is focused on cleaning.

Wear protection

(1) In order to extend the service life of the fabric, the sofa cushion can be turned over, and should be turned over once a week to evenly distribute the wear; or use a shield or a draw head cushion to reduce direct abrasion and stain on the fabric surface.

(2) The fabric sofa should be used for a long time. It should be removed with small scissors. If it is found to be loose, it should not be broken by hand. It should be cut neatly with scissors.

Sun protection

The cloth surface should be protected from direct sunlight for a long time to prevent the color from subsiding and the fabric elasticity is weakened.

Angry ironing

When ironing, it should be noted that some elastic sheaths are easy to dry and iron-free. Even if you want to iron, you should consider the appearance of the fabric.

Dry cleaning

If it is stained, the velvet sofa should not be stained with water. Dry cleaning agent should be used. The smudges on the fabric sofa can be cleaned with a special cleaning agent for the sofa or carpet. Use a small amount of clean white cloth to wipe the stains in the dirty place until the stains are removed. In order to avoid leaving a mark, it is best to smear from the periphery of the stain. Do not scrub with plenty of water to prevent water from seeping into the inner layer of the sofa, causing the frame to be damp, deformed, and prone to mold.




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