How High Is The Curtain From The Ground

- Apr 08, 2019-

For a family, no one likes their own actions in the eyes of others. From this point of view, different indoor areas have different standards for privacy concerns. The public activities area of family members such as the living room has lower requirements for privacy. Most of the family living rooms open the curtains, and in most cases are decorated. For the bedroom, the restroom, etc., people not only can't see it, but they can't even see the shadow. Therefore, the most basic requirement when installing curtains is to cover the windows tightly, and at the same time take into account the decorative effect of the curtains.

The curtains on the floor cover the entire window. Generally, there will be a gap of about 3 cm after installation. Of course, if the plaster line is attached, it will be wider to reach seven or eight centimeters. Prevail, usually in the gap of 2-5 cm, and some people like to drag to the ground, it is to have wooden floor or carpet in the bedroom, the curtains are dragged to the ground, there will be no light coming in the bedroom, when sleeping It will feel better. In addition, we must look at the material problem. If it is a light and elegant floor curtain, we can be longer. If the curtain is mainly used to block light, it will be thicker and can be reduced in length.

For ordinary curtains, it depends on the color used. If the curtains of light colors are higher than the height of the ground, the curtains of dark colors should be lower, and the distance from the ground is 15 cm.





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