How Should Curtains Be Cleaned

- Jul 10, 2019-

Use a feather duster and a vacuum cleaner to carefully remove dust from the curtain surface before removing the curtains. Use professional tools to remove the curtains, do not use brute force to remove the curtain fabric, or it is easy to tear the curtains. Soaking curtains: When the curtains are soaked, the detergent should be selected according to the material. It is generally recommended to use neutral detergent to soak the curtains. Acid or alkaline detergents will cause certain damage to the fiber materials inside the curtains. Soaking time according to the curtain material is not the same, generally soaking between 15 minutes and 60 minutes. If soaked in warm water during soaking, it can reduce the soaking time and make it easier to clean.

Washing curtains: Flannel, silk fabrics and some high-grade fabrics are not suitable for washing machines. It is recommended to wash them by hand or send them to dry cleaning. Because such fabric fibers are relatively thin, if mechanical washing methods are used, it is easy to cause fiber breakage and damage the fabric structure of the curtain. Drying curtains: Everyone usually wears clothes and knows that the color of the clothes will be discolored after direct exposure, and the clothes are basically dry. The curtains are washed like clothes, and if they are exposed to the sun for a long time, they are easy to discolor. Therefore, try to choose a ventilated place to dry and let the curtains dry.

The velvet curtains are easily deformed. When cleaning the curtains, first soak them in a neutral cleaning solution or an alkaline special cleaning agent, and gently remove the stains on the curtain surface by hand. The washed curtains are placed on the inclined shelves to make moisture. Automatic drip drying, avoid drying with a hanger, and the gravity of the drip easily deforms the curtain.

It is not difficult to wash the curtains, but in order to avoid washing and cleaning, it is recommended to send them to a special shop for washing curtains. Because the price is not expensive, the price of curtains of different materials is different. The preparation for curtain cleaning should be done well. Some curtains can be washed directly with the washing machine, and some special materials can only be washed by hand.