How To Choose A Sofa?

- Feb 12, 2020-

A high quality sofa, normal condition, daily use, can be used for at least ten years. There are many low-end sofa stores online and offline that often publicize that their products can be guaranteed for ten years. Just listen to that. There are at least a few thousand factories in China that make upholstery that close down every year. The basic brands of the offline stores have changed once in three years. It's a little bit more budget. The sponge will not age for many years. The bandage spring is better, and it will not collapse for more than ten years. We export it to a few hundred jin ghost guy for so many years, but we haven't heard of the broken sofa. Use the fabric better, so it looks good and feels comfortable.

First: if you choose three person fabric sofa, the budget will be raised to more than 3000. About 3M L-shaped sofa, the budget has been raised to about 5000. The budget for the single sofa was raised to fifteen. Only then can you choose a product with good quality. Below this price, we should not consider it.

Second: offline products buy special promotion funds. There are at least 40 activities in offline stores in a year. Activities are normal. Don't pay as soon as you listen to activities. Don't buy any top businesses for online products. In this way, we can spend less money.
Third: the high-quality sofa filling is the same and the same. It emphasizes good support. The basic layer is high-density and high resilience sponge (multi-layer and different density sponge filling is usually used to save money). The surface layer will be latex or down or memory cotton (no more expensive than high-quality sponge, just to make a little difference in sitting feeling)
In the previous answer, we talked a lot about the filling part. Here we talk about the spring bandage part. The high-quality bandage ensures the service strength and life. The galvanized serpentine spring is not easy to rust and provides good rebound. The structural spring links and strengthens to prevent displacement and abnormal sound.

Fourth: the biggest single rubber cost of fabric sofa is fabric, which can intuitively reflect the quality of the product. Generally, the sofa with poor fabric must not have a good internal frame (the face is not good, and the lining is not so good).