How To Choose A Solid Color Curtain Fabric

- May 10, 2019-

1. Choose a color that is similar to or deeper than the home decoration color

This is a more common method of color selection. The similar colors make the whole room color uniform, not easy to make mistakes. The curtains that match the color of the living room sofa have a weak feeling, but they look particularly comfortable.

2, Select the prominent color in the room

A room with black and white ash will look a bit monotonous, the designer will add a highlight color to the room to make the room saturated, and the curtains can also be selected with reference to the prominent color system.

The prominent color tone usually appears on some small objects, such as table lamps, pillows, etc. The blue color of the curtains and the pillows on the bed, and the blue flowers on the table, will appear very harmonious. But try to avoid it in the bedroom

If the color is too high, the shading effect will affect the quality of sleep. If you look around and do not notice the coloration, then choose the color to appear more

3, The room is too simple, choose your favorite

If the color of your home is simple black and white, and then use black or white curtains, the room is a bit boring, then you can follow the second principle, and buy some of the same color items to set off.




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