How To Choose And Match Is A Very Important Choice.

- Mar 02, 2020-

Curtain occupies a large proportion in home decoration. How to choose and match is a very important choice. Let's popularize the basic knowledge of curtain first.
Curtains are divided into two parts: curtain cloth and curtain rod. Most of the curtains commonly used in the family are used in combination with curtain cloth and curtain yarn. Curtain cloth can achieve good decoration and shading effect, and the window screen can be used alone to achieve shading without shading. There are also families who like to use the form of rolling shutters. Of course, this should be based on the overall style of space.
Curtain control mode is divided into manual and electric. Electric curtain is more and more popular in the family. The difference is that the curtain track is set as electric track. If you plan to install electric curtain, remember to reserve the socket in advance.
The opening and closing methods of curtains mostly adopt these three kinds:
1. This is the most common curtain style. This kind of style is simple, without any decoration, the size is random, hanging and lifting are very simple, suitable for most windows.
2. This form of hatching curtain is also very common. It can be decorated by tying a bow in the middle of the curtain. The curtain can be lifted to one side or both sides to form a soft arc, which is very beautiful.
3. The lintel curtain style is more complicated, but the decoration effect is better. It can cover the rough curtain rail and the distance between the curtain top and the roof, making the interior more neat and beautiful.
Material of curtain cloth
Curtain fabric is generally natural cotton, artificial cotton, polyester, acrylic and so on.
When choosing curtain cloth, it is suggested to use cotton or linen cloth, and try to use less chemical fiber cloth, which has poor air permeability and a wide range of cloth arts. When choosing fabric, people tend to focus on the selection of patterns, so they don't explain one by one. If you are interested, you can go to Baidu.
Size of curtain cloth
The height of a roll of cloth is fixed, so curtain cloth can be divided into fixed height cloth and fixed width cloth.
There are two kinds of fixed height cloth: 2.8m and 2.1m. The specification of fixed width cloth is 1.45M. When buying curtains, ask me to make sure that you are very professional.
Also, when choosing fabric, you must ask about the quantity. In order to sell more fabric, many businesses will tell you to make pleats and collages. Basically, each window needs to increase the cost of one or two meters of cloth, which is not worth it. You can set the spacing of folds. It's good to add a part of the actual purchase. Last time I ordered curtains, I said five meters of cloth. When I finished the selection, the shop said that it was striped cloth that needed to be stitched together to make it uniform and beautiful. At last, I bought seven meters of cloth. It's a pity that you didn't discuss it. After the fabric is ordered, accessories are also required. The accessories for curtains must be equipped with cloth belts, lace, guide rails, hooks, pulleys, pendants and other accessories. Some stores only pay attention to the price of fabric when they buy curtains. If they don't make a careful calculation, they will get a lot of money. Some stores only charge for labor and fabric. In fact, the price is included in the fabric. How to save money? We must compare the price before ordering. Even accessories can be purchased on Taobao, which is very cheap. There is also the curtain top height of 2.8 meters, generally 2 meters is enough, the surplus material will save a lot, pay some labor costs to process into pillowcases, table cloth is more cost-effective.
Curtain rails are generally made of metal and wood, and most of them are made of alloy. Because the window pole has been used for a long time, we must choose the one with good quality, and the installation mode is divided into open and concealed. Now the Roman pole with open decoration has become the mainstream of curtain pole, with good decoration. Installation because hidden in the curtain box, many have been eliminated. The track is divided into single track and double track. To install gauze curtain, double track must be installed.