How To Choose Balcony Curtains

- Mar 26, 2019-

Curtains can be said to be very common soft decorations in home decoration. Curtains can be used not only in bedrooms, living rooms, and study rooms, but nowadays many balconies use curtains. The use of curtains can not only block the sun. At the same time, it has a very good decorative effect, and which kind of curtain is suitable for the balcony?

Cloth curtain

Although the curtains of the fabric are not as bright and silky as silk, it is very practical, and the curtain has good shading, which is suitable for curtains.

Curtains have curtains and gauze curtains. The shades of the curtains are better. They are suitable for use on balconies with strong light. The light curtains have good light transmission. If these two curtains are used together, the effect will be better and they can complement each other. The effect is suitable for different time to meet different cloud requirements. If it is a thick curtain, it can also play a good role in noise reduction, absorbing the sound of the outdoor. In the purchase of curtains, it is recommended to use light color. Dark curtains are exposed to sunlight for a long time, which is easy to fade and affect the appearance, or consider the factors that block UV rays and the overall color of the home decoration. You can choose curtain shades such as beige, yellow, and brown.


Venetian blinds are generally used in offices, but they can also be used on balconies. Blinds are coated with anti-radiation coatings on one side of the curtains. In summer, the curtains can reduce the exposure of sunlight to indoors and reduce room temperature. In winter, indoors can be prevented. The heat is scattered outside, and the effect of adjusting the indoor temperature is better.

Balcony curtains not only have a shading effect, but also have a beautiful appearance. This is the two major issues that every contestant will pay attention to. The curtains are more subjective in terms of appearance, and each person's cloud is different, but it is an absolute condition to protect personal privacy. . In short, the curtain material is very much, there are ordinary curtains and silk, but also cotton and linen, domain, etc., the curtain fabric used in different places is not a single, this can be based on the specific situation, like the bedroom can be used with thicker focus The fabric is as good as the curtain, and there are many good-looking patterns. The decorative effect is very good. It can be used in the bedroom to block the light, making people feel more secure during sleep.

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