How To Choose Curtains In Home Improvement

- Dec 24, 2019-

European classical painting style and modern minimalist style can be said to be the two major interior styles of modern families. Especially the interior decoration of young people tends to simple decoration style. The emphasis of the decoration is on home curtains, lace, curtains, fringes, and mergers. In this style, there are more metallic textures and solid colors. Or, curtains with geometric patterns. We can also choose the wooden curtain. This emphasizes personality.

European classical-style residential decoration styles are generally large living room with large windows. For this type of apartment, you should choose curtains with strong texture, such as high-end velvet, silk products, jacquard fabrics, etc. You can also choose a better quality hemp fabric. Colors and patterns are correspondingly selected in luxurious, warm, calm tones, such as warm red, brown, and gold. It is best to use the necessary accessories for curtains, such as highly decorative window drapes and delicate luxury fringe. Can be the finishing touch. The biggest feature of the classical style is the luxurious atmosphere.

Curtains match one: black and red match is good for improving sleep quality

If the curtains in the living room must speak to the guests, the curtains in the bedroom are mainly designed. In the warm, romantic and private bedroom space, in addition to the decorative effect, curtains also protect the more important privacy and adjust the light. "Dark curtains in the bedroom can choose dark fabrics, which have good shading and can promote sleep. In particular, black-red curtains are a good choice for insomniacs." When you open the door, the superiority of the curtains in the living room always attracts the most attention, and the layout of the living room fully shows the taste and pursuit of the host in the eyes of the guests. Therefore, the choice of the curtains in the living room must be paid special attention to the owner's personality It is recommended that the curtains create a different atmosphere.

The curtain design in the children's room combines the nature of the child. Generally, the curtains will choose cute comic designs, with bright colors and individual shapes to please the owner. It is important to note that, because children are born with sports, they sometimes hide with curtains, or bite curtains with their teeth, so when buying curtains for children, you must fully consider the issue of healthy environment.

Curtains Matching Two: Selection of Color Styles and Sofa Tone

Generally speaking, in the modern interior, the color and design of the curtains in the living room are combined with the sofa in the living room, using hemp or polyester cotton. The color of the color adopts light-colored hues such as yellow, off-white, and light gray. In the European style, the shades of the curtains are mostly coffee colors, gold, dark coffee, etc. The Chinese styles are mainly red and brown. This will select the default law of the curtain. The integration of curtains with decorative style and home layout fully reflects this rule.

In addition to color, different curtain heads and accessories also describe the "expressions" of different homes. Different curtain heads, either generous, or reasonable, or emotionally romantic, or intellectually elegant, tell a different mood invisibly.

Curtains Matching Three: Blended Curtains Are Washable and Will Not Shrink

The selection of summer curtains is very important. You can choose rooms that are good every day, such as study rooms, children's rooms, and bathrooms. Several venetian blinds and curtains with good light insulation performance. It's not only light and beautiful, but it can also block the heat from the window.

The aesthetic effect of curtains on the configuration of the home environment is self-evident. When choosing curtains, we must not only pay attention to aesthetics, but also consider functions. For example, in the choice of materials, different rooms have different environments, so it is necessary to fully consider the functionality of curtains. Kitchens, toilets, etc. are suitable for use with damp, oil fume, and shutters. In addition, lounges and tea rooms also use wooden or bamboo curtains and balconies Lightfast, hard-to-fat curtains; the study can choose fabrics with good light transmission, which can help alleviate physical, mental and thinking problems.

It is worth noting that many consumers ignore the shrinking plush of fabrics. At present, although there is no standard for contract reduction in China, due to the clear implementation of foreign standards, its practicality and convenience coexist, so that customers can clearly contract when purchasing, leaving ample amount. On curtain fabrics, cotton, linen, silk, and wool fabrics are welcomed by consumers, but the fabrics of these fabrics have been found to have a certain degree of shrinkage. In rayon and synthetic fiber curtains, they are elastic, resistant to fading, and wrinkle-resistant. Other aspects are better than cotton and linen fabrics. However, many modern textiles are made by blending natural fibers with rayon or synthetic fibers, and have the length of both.

If you like personality, you can use two pieces of yarn to try other differences. In your favorite room, you can thin the bottom layer with colorful patterns to make lighter colors the upper layer, and hide the patterns on the bottom layer. In addition, according to the effect of different lights inside and outside the house, it produces different effects and is very beautiful. The feeling of "the language of desire is still ashamed" in Chinese-style culture, and a hallucinogenic color inherent in the mantle, has produced an unspeakable exotic feeling. Life in such a room will definitely be considered more. This mantle is not one meter from 100 yuan to thousands of yuan depending on the quality and pattern.