How To Choose Decorative Fabrics

- Dec 06, 2019-

The quality of the decorative fabric determines the first impression of the effect, so it is necessary to pay attention to the importance of choosing the fabric. Common decorative fabrics include wall coverings, bedding fabrics and fabrics, while decorative fabrics commonly found in home furnishings include sofas, curtains, bedding and the like. Let me introduce you in detail below.

According to the actual use in the family, the decorative fabrics commonly found in homes are screens, curtains, sofa fabrics and bedding.

1. Screen gauzes: It is a kind of light-thin and breathable yarn-made products. The general screens are mainly made of polyester screens.

2. Curtains: made of various materials and fabrics, commonly made of chemical fiber and other raw materials, thicker, good shading effect,

3. Sofa cloth: sofa cloth is placed on the outer layer of the sofa, can block the entry of dust, but also play a decorative effect.

4. Bedding: This decorative fabric mainly includes sheets, pillowcases, quilts and so on. 

decorative fabric