How To Choose Fabric Curtain Reasonably

- Sep 20, 2019-

Fabric curtain can be divided into printing cloth, dyed cloth, dyed cloth, jacquard cloth and so on according to its fabrics and processes; the fabric texture is pure cotton, linen, polyester, silk, and can also be mixed with concentrated raw materials; each kind of cloth curtain has different fabrics and different uses.

fabric curtain

1. The vertical bar pattern can make the room look taller.

In the case of insufficient floor height, the room area is too large, or the ceiling is made in decoration, will give people a sense of oppression. The simplest way is to choose the curtain with strong color vertical pattern, and try not to make the curtain head. The use of plain curtain can also appear simple and lively, can reduce the sense of depression. In addition, you can use the lifting curtain.

2. Light glossy fabrics can brighten the room

The most unsatisfactory thing about the low-floor house and the room facing badly is its light problem. "Hardware" is not enough, but it can be "packaged" by "software". When installing curtains in such rooms, light colors should be the main factor. The design should be compact, and the walls should be decorated with fabrics with glossy reflective materials. For example: curtains made of cotton and silk fabrics, thin fabrics such as "curtains" can also be used, or slat shutters can be selected appropriately according to their own decoration style.

3. Light cold cloth makes the small room spacious

Room is small, you can choose light color, cold color curtains to decorate. Because light color. Ling color can create a spacious and elegant visual effect. Or with plain, small graphics, the effect is good.

4. Cross-striped curtains shorten narrow rooms

For too narrow and too long room, you can choose the curtain of horizontal straight line pattern to make the room fatter. In addition, you can install the cloth art with striking patterns at both ends of the narrow room, one end is the curtain with practical functions, the other end is the decorative curtain, so that the front and back echo, can also produce the effect of shortening distance.

5. Lifting curtains should be installed when windows are too small

Bedroom windows are relatively small, installation of heavy fabric floor curtains, will produce heavy, cumbersome visual effects. Therefore, it is best to install lifting curtains, Roman curtains, etc.