How To Choose Radiation Protection Curtain Fabric

- Mar 22, 2019-

The radiation protection curtain is made of metal fiber mixed fabric and is a curtain with the function of reducing or shielding electromagnetic radiation and electric wave radiation. How to choose the fabric of radiation protection curtains?


At present, the radiation protection curtains on the market mainly include cotton, hemp, gauze, satin, etc. The curtain fabric texture includes natural fibers, metal fibers, rayon fibers, and synthetic fibers. It is recommended to choose according to the area of use when selecting.


1, Cotton, hemp is a commonly used material for curtains, easy to wash and replace, suitable for the bedroom.


2, Yarn quality anti-radiation curtains are highly decorative, there are pure cotton, hemp, polyester, silk, but also raw materials mixed woven. The process can be divided into: printed cloth, dyed cloth, dyed cloth, jacquard cloth and so on. The color is also divided into three colors in the cold and warm, and it is divided into transparent and translucent according to the environment, opaque, etc., which can enhance the sense of depth in the room, and has good light transmission, and is suitable for use in the living room and balcony.


3, The bathroom, the kitchen should choose a more practical, easy to wash the fabric, the style strives to be simple and smooth, changing the simple style of the line and color of a single.


4, The curtains of the study should choose light, bright fabrics, fabric feel and overall matching style, light color, help to relax and help to think.