How To Choose Shade Curtains?

- Mar 02, 2020-

Curtains are indispensable items in our home life. Besides shading and privacy protection, they also have a good decorative effect. Then how do you choose curtains? Do you want to listen to the designer's opinions or follow the feeling.
Light cloth is a kind of sunshade cloth. In short, it is used to block sunlight and sunshine. It is a functional auxiliary fabric, usually used together with other fabrics to cover objects to avoid contact with strong light. It has the effect of blocking strong light and ultraviolet. At present, there are shading cloth for curtains, which has a soft feel. The curtains made of it have the functions of cold insulation in winter and heat insulation in summer, with good privacy and sound insulation effect.
1. Coated blackout fabric: the fabric used for dyeing and coating ordinary fabrics to achieve the blackout effect. Generally, the coating includes silver coating, flocking, etc. this kind of fabric has two or more layers;
2. Weaving light blocking fabric: the fabric that can directly achieve the function of light blocking through weaving method. Its method is to weave a layer of black silk in the middle of the fabric during weaving to achieve the function of light blocking. After finishing, it can be divided into the following categories:
(1) flame retardant shading cloth: the shading cloth with flame retardant function is divided into fiber flame retardant shading cloth and post finishing flame retardant shading cloth,
(2) embossed blackout cloth: after dyeing or dyeing and flame-retardant finishing, the blackout cloth is made by pressing with special equipment to show various pattern effects,
(3) printing light blocking cloth: the light blocking cloth which has been dyed or dyed with flame retardant finishing, through transfer printing or pigment printing and other methods, the dye is fixed on the cloth surface to make printing light blocking cloth;
(4) jacquard shading fabric: the fabric that can be shading by weaving various patterns through organization design to present various pattern effects;
According to the requirements, it can also be made into water-proof, oil-proof, bacteria proof, three anti shading cloth, silver hot shading cloth, offset shading cloth, etc