How To Choose The Color Of Fabric Sofa

- Sep 29, 2019-

Light color system

If the overall decoration of the home is dark, or the wall is light, and the doors and windows are dark, then the visual activity is more active, then choose fabric sofa color matching. Should choose some pure color system, looks clean, neat, hierarchical, if still choose the dark sofa, the living room looks too expensive, it seems chaotic feeling, so the dark Department decorated home with the pure sofa.

Elegant colors

Fabric sofa color matching can use complementary color method when choosing color. On the basis of some light color systems, some dark coffee and dark olive colors can be added. These colors make people feel calm and calm. They have the style of general. They can instantly brighten neutral tone space and make the air full of liveliness and fashion. If the living room wall is painted or wallpaper, the sofa with plain fabric will be more elegant. And dark monochrome sofa, striped sofa, can best create a classical atmosphere.

sofa fabric

Dark color system

If your walls are light-colored, and doors and windows are light-colored, it looks like bathing in bright colors, simple decoration color, then in the choice of fabric sofa color matching, try to choose some sofas with beautiful colors, so that the color is clear, the living room will also appear more active. If it's just a single color, it doesn't look very distinctive.

Combination of cold and warm

The choice of the color of the cloth sofa in the living room is not only decided by personal preferences, but also very important to distinguish the decoration color of the home. The combination of cold and warm tones is a good choice for the living room sofa, such as: red and white combination, purple and light beige, coffee and beige, yellow and green, etc. The key to the combination of cold and warm is not too big color difference, too dazzling. Generally speaking, fresh and bright color is more appropriate, the living room is the first visual space to enter the door, or simple and refreshing better.

Warm color system

Nowadays, many young people like warm colors. They look warm and romantic. Warm-colored fabric sofa color matching, can now orange, can be shallow, according to the layout of the living room lighting to choose the color of shade, want a pleasant, or want to highlight fashion, vitality, rose is also a good choice, the flame of the rose is the hot years. If there are elderly people at home, you can match some light coffee sofas, which is calm and fashionable elements.