How To Clean Fabric Sofa Effectively

- Feb 14, 2020-

In recent years, fabric sofa is becoming more and more popular. People like its beautiful design and comfortable sitting. But when it comes to cleaning cloth sofas, many people shake their heads. If the fabric sofa is short of food, it will not only get dirty, but also easily damaged. Here are some tips for cleaning fabric sofa.

First of all, cloth sofa should be vacuumed regularly. If you can vacuum once a week, the armrest, backrest and gap of the sofa must also be taken into account. Of course, towels can also be used to clean the sofa. However, when using a vacuum cleaner, do not use a suction brush to prevent the fabric from becoming fluffy due to damage to the woven thread on the woven fabric. In addition, additional suction should be avoided. This may cause the braid to be pulled off. It is recommended to consider using a small vacuum cleaner for cleaning.
Secondly, wash the sofa once a year with detergent, but afterwards, the detergent must be completely washed off, otherwise it is more likely to get dirt. As for the choice of detergent, you can choose a special detergent containing antifouling agent. Some silica gel sprays have dust-proof effect and can be sprayed once a month.
The cloth sofa with sheath can be cleaned generally. Among them, the elastic cover can be washed in the household washing machine, while the larger cotton or linen cover can be brought to the laundry. It should be noted that some flexible jackets are easy to dry and do not need ironing when ironing jackets. Even if you need ironing, you should also consider the appearance of the fabric, so the inner side of the ironing jacket is more suitable. If the jacket is cotton, it is not suitable for ironing.