How To Identify Linen Fabric

- Nov 19, 2019-

1. Touch method

High quality pure linen fabric is woven with oakum. We can hold the fabric tightly and let it go. If the fabric has wrinkles and feels cold, it is the real flax fabric.


2. Magnifying glass observation

Tear a little silk from the fabric to be identified, put it under the light, and observe it with a magnifying glass of more than 10 times. If you see the bamboo and cloud stripes on the fabric, it is true.


3. combustion method

Take a little fabric and light it with fire. In the process of burning, if you smell the smell like burning paper, and after burning, the gray of the fabric is gray white, it is true. If the fabric in the combustion of black smoke, smell very bad, it is absolutely fake.


4. Water washing method

Wash the fabric in water and hang it to dry. After drying, if the fabric does not shrink to water and feels soft, it is real linen.


5. Caustic soda water test method

You can take a little caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) water and pour it on the fabric. If the place where the fabric poured caustic soda water turns brown, the fabric is the real linen.


6. Water immersion method

Take a water basin, put on a plate of water, and then put the fabric into it to soak for a few seconds before taking it out. If the fabric absorbs water evenly and does not change color, it is made of real linen.