How To Install Blackout Curtains

- Jun 10, 2019-

In the winter, people are eager for the sun; in the summer, people are afraid of the sun. In order to reduce the sun's rays, they can be installed with blackout curtains to block the heat transfer and damage the furniture. In the installation of blackout curtains, first find out the location of the installation, then check whether it has the conditions for the installation of blackout curtains, then prepare the corresponding materials, plan its installation position, and finally determine the specific blackout curtain installation plan.


Installation method of blackout curtain

1. Blackout curtain installation - positioning

(1) First measure the actual size of the window, and then compare it with the size of the curtain. The size of the former is smaller than the size of the latter. You should pay attention to this.

(2) Prepare the line positioning, measure the fixed hole distance, and the size of the track to be installed, and then determine the actual required spacing and distance.

2. Blackout curtain installation - curtain track

(1) The curtain rails are divided into single, double or triple tracks. When the window width is larger than 1200 mm, the curtain rails should have a disconnected position. The disconnected interface should be slightly bent and staggered. The root bend should maintain a gentle curve. The connection length is greater than 200 mm.

(2) The curtain box should be first tracked. If it is heavy curtain track, it is necessary to add several machine screws; the dark curtain box should be rear track; the heavy curtain track must have encryption spacing, so don't forget, the wood screw size is greater than 30 Millimeter.

(3) When installing the lifting clamp, first rotate the clamp 90 degrees to make it fit the track, then use the self-tapping screws to install the lifting clamp on the top plate. If the structure is concrete, please increase the expansion dart wire.

3. Blackout curtain installation - curtain rod

(1) First adjust the connecting fixture, then attach the rod or wire, pull it to the fixing and fix it, its horizontal position should be consistent with the room elevation.

(2) Install the standard curtain track, its base width is above 15 cm, and the single track can be reduced according to the appropriate situation. The master should grasp it well.

(3) Adjust the position after installation, floor-standing curtains or curtains that hang over the countertop. When installing the rails, let the width of the window sills be prevented from being blocked and not beautiful.

4. Blackout curtain installation - test

(1) First check how its appearance, if there are abnormal problems, first adjust one by one, and then check the compact type of each interface, you can fix it again.

(2) Try to pull the curtains, check the pulling is flexible, if you encounter resistance, do not use brute force, slowly increase the strength to try, then continue to check the blackout curtains installed indoors, mainly blocking the summer sun, because its temperature is too high There is a certain heat blocking effect, which is what everyone knows. In the installation of blackout curtains, the material of the curtains should be clarified first to avoid damage during construction and for later maintenance.