How To Maintain Cotton Linen Fabric?

- Oct 25, 2019-

Cotton linen fabric is the general designation of cotton and linen blended fabric. Cotton and linen blended fabric refers to the textile products made of cotton and linen according to a certain proportion. Cotton linen fabric can be used to make all kinds of clothes. Compared with other fabrics, the advantage of cotton linen fabric is that they are cheap.

Cotton Linen Fabric

However, how to wash and maintain cotton linen fabric?

① The texture of cotton linen clothes is soft. If you use the washing machine to shake them, it is easy to deform and wrinkle the clothes, so it's better to wash them by hand with soap. When there is too much time and energy for hand washing, when it is necessary to machine wash, you can put the clothes in the reusable laundry bag, and then use the gentle gear of the washing machine to wash them.

② Cotton white clothes are easy to be washed more and more yellow. You can add washing powder in boiling water, immerse the clothes, boil them for about 30 minutes, and make them white and clean.

③ When washing black cotton or linen clothes, add some strong coffee or tea into the last rinse water to make some faded clothes black as before.

④ The national style cotton linen clothes will lose their floating color when they are washed for the first time. You can add a little salt to the washing water to fix the color.

⑤ For all kinds of stains on linen fabric, the removal method is the same as that of cotton fabric, but if there is slight cigarette burn mark on linen fabric, it can be removed by wiping with a piece of lemon and then drying in the sun for a while.