How To Match Sofa And Cushion

- Oct 30, 2019-

For fabric sofa, cushion is one of the necessary soft accessories. In the living room, a reasonable combination of soft clothes can often be the finishing touch, which plays a significant role in the atmosphere of the whole space.

sofa and cushion

Leather Sofa + Bright Yellow Cushion

This is a cute bright yellow cushion with a leather sofa. It's not against the taste. It's decorated with green decorations on the tea table. It's unique. The combination of yellow and light green adds a lot of vitality to the whole household style, which is fashionable and beautiful.

White Sofa + Pink Cushion

This section uses warm color collocation, pink and white pattern throw cushion collocation milk white sofa, give a person languid feeling. Sofa, cushion color and mural color match very much, simple and warm.

Light Yellow Sofa + Irregular Pattern Cushion

The cushion with irregular pattern looks messy, but it is beautiful and fashionable with the light yellow sofa, without messy feeling. The style of sofa cushion and wall painting is also very unified.

Padded Low Cabinet + Yellow, Dark Green Cushion

Strictly speaking, this sofa is a group of low cabinets that only rely on the wall. The storage function can be satisfied under the low cabinet. The cushion on the top is a lovely sofa. Sofa throw cushion with yellow, dark green main color, color jump eye-catching, very good-looking. Sitting on the sofa and taking out a book in the cupboard, isn't it very pleasant?