How To Remove Wrinkles In Synthetic Fabrics

- Apr 29, 2019-

As a man-made polymer, synthetic fabric can be designed in advance in the production process. For example, an antibacterial agent is added to have an antibacterial function; a mineral micropowder is added to have a low radiation function or a far infrared radiation function. This is obviously easier, more economical, and more effective than retrofitting natural fibers.

In addition to the new functions of synthetic fabric that can be conveniently placed in the design and production, the characteristics and characteristics of the chemical fiber itself are also functional. For example, the macromolecular structure of acrylic fiber is very stable, it has the ability to resist ultraviolet radiation, and the acrylic fiber is cationically dyed, which not only has fresh color, but also has high light fastness. Therefore, people use acrylic fabric as a sunshade product, and its functionality. And practicality is fully utilized.

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