Identification Of Linen Fabrics

- Oct 12, 2019-

The price of high quality pure linen sold on the market is higher. Price also reflects the quality of linen. Cheap linen is mostly made of flax flocculent with short fibers. Individual traders sell Semi-linen and cotton-linen mixed with linen. We can use the following methods to distinguish them.

Sheer Linen Fabric

(1) Transmittance check to see whether the thickness of longitude and latitude is uniform. If the warp and weft are too uniform, it may be cotton fabric.

(2) Tighten the cloth pattern to check the knitting density.

(3) High-quality primary linen is brown, glossy and uniformly absorbent. The flax is not good in quality. It is treated as flax cloth with flexible fibers, which absorbs water unevenly and turns black after wetting.

(4) External worsted linen, the less surface wool, the better.

(5) The vertical and horizontal elasticity of Semi-linen is different.

(6) Pull a thread head. If there is bending and splitting at both ends, the thread is cotton. The ends of the broken linen should be smooth or impure.

(7) If caustic soda water is applied to the canvas, the linen will be brown and the cotton cloth will be light yellow.