Introduction Of Fabric Selection Techniques For The Fabrication Of Sofa Covers During Home Decoration

- Dec 24, 2019-

Many eye-catching housewives have prepared two sets of sofa covers when buying a fabric sofa, one set of warm colors for autumn and winter, and one set of cool colors for spring and summer, which not only prolongs the use time of the sofa cover, but also Enjoy a different home environment during the season. Of course, the choice of sofa cover must match the color of the interior decoration. Some home designers suggest that before buying a sofa cover, you should consider its color to be consistent with the overall style. In addition, you can add the same style of cushion cover and seat cover to other chairs in the living room.

According to the raw material composition of customized sofa covers, there are cotton, linen, and chemical fiber. There are many types of chemical fiber, including polyester, acrylic, viscose, rayon and so on. Many chemical fiber fabrics mix several ingredients. As for silk and wool, they are very rare. 2. According to the Beijing sofa maintenance dyeing method, there are dyed and dyed. What is dyed is weaving the cloth first, and then dyeing the color; dyeing is first dyeing the yarn and then weaving the cloth. Regardless of the composition of the cloth, it can be made into dyed cloth or dyed cloth. Generally, monochrome fabrics are dyed fabrics, and not monochrome fabrics are dyed fabrics. Since sofa cushions take a lot of abuse, it's best not to add too much decoration. Use durable fabrics that fit your lifestyle and needs, and keep the style fairly simple.

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