Making Fabric Sofa Cover

- Mar 19, 2019-

fabric sofa cover

1, preparation for production

First prepare the relevant production tools, such as rulers, scissors, and sewing machines.

2, measurement and planning

First measure the size of each part of the sofa, the front, the side, the top, the bottom, the back length and width, and add 1 inch to cut, and also remove the seam 0.4 to 0.5 inch on both sides. almost. There are some inappropriate places to be changed at any time, especially in areas where there are arcs in the corners. When cutting out where you need to pay attention, you must make a little more. If you go to the seam, it is easy to rework, and then you can measure it. The length of the sofa cloth is required, and the length of the armrest, the length of the middle seat cushion, and the width required for stuffing the seat cushion are measured.

Spread the cloth of the right length on the sofa. Usually, the cloth required for a single sofa is about 230 cm in length and 235 cm in width. The cloth used for the double sofa is about 300cm long and 235cm wide. The three-seat sofa is 470cm long and 35cm wide. Of course, the specific size is subject to actual conditions.

3. Insert the sofa-shaped cloth into the seat seam. At this time, you can use the stationery clip or long ruler and plastic tube to insert into the seat seam to fix it, so as to avoid looseness or sliding. It is also possible to do some skirts properly, which will look more comfortable and distinctive.

4. The fabric on the back of the sofa and the fabric at the armrest should be separately stretched, then fixed with pins, or stitched together. And in the place where the pin is fixed, don't wear a bow, there are other decorations to enhance its beauty.