Matching Plan For Solid Color Curtain

- Mar 05, 2019-

Curtains in the soft outfit have always been an important part of the room. With a good match, the quality of the living room space immediately improved; the matching is not good, even if there are more gorgeous furniture accessories stacked, the whole set is still cluttered.

How can I match the curtains? Today I will focus on how to choose the color of the solid color curtains?

First, choose a curtain color that is similar to the wall and a few degrees deep

Note: It is close to the color of the wall, not close to the color of the floor!

The most common white wall does not need to be fancy, with a light gray curtain for it, the best color matching. If the color of the curtains that match the best match in the room is uncertain, choose a gray curtain, which is more classic than white, brighter than brown, and more design than beige.

Second, choose the color similar to the sub-tone of the living room

Note: Sub-tones refer to the second shades that people can notice in addition to large blocks of room walls and floors, such as coffee tables, carpets, lamps, cushions or other decorations. When the color of the coffee table and the carpet are not suitable as a reference for the color of the curtain, try to use the gray-white pattern of the sofa as a reference for the color of the curtain, so that the color of the room space can be maintained without any sense of disobedience.

Third, use the contrast color to create avant-garde art room space

Note: Colors such as rose red, fruit green, and bright yellow can be used as reference for color selection of curtains, but it is necessary to pay attention to matching. With the right mix, the whole room is avant-garde art, and the matching is not good, it has become a major failure in the design career, remember carefully!