Matching Skills Of Sofa And Cushion

- Sep 27, 2019-

1. Reference background wall color

When choosing cushion, we can consider starting from the environmental color, choosing cushion with varying depth and size of background wall color system to match. Don't put the same lightness together.

2. Adjust according to the color of sofa

The cushion is best used in one group, which is divided into two groups. One is a neutral color cushion, such as black, white and grey, and the other is a geometric pattern cushion composed of neutral color and sofa color.

3. Reference carpet color

The color of cushion can also be determined according to the color and pattern of carpet.

4. Reference Jewelry Color

Choose a cushion according to the color of other accessories in the environment, and match the other cushions according to the same color system of the sofa, so that even the color of jumping will not be very abrupt.


5. The cushion with green planting pattern

In recent years, the cushion with green planting pattern is very hot. When using it, we should also pay attention to it. It's better to match it with the sofa with green tone. If the sofa is not green, you can lay a green blanket or combine this pattern around the sofa to choose the same green plant to match.

6. Choose pure color or pattern

1) If there is a very low sense of existence of the earth color, pure color or text does not matter.

2) As long as it is with bright colors, whether cushion or carpet, collision or homochrome, the pattern is better than pure color.

3) Geometric patterns are especially recommended in patterns, such as white-background color striped cushions, which are basically all sacred articles, and all kinds of colors are good-looking in disorder.