Method Of Eliminating Odor Of Linen Curtain

- Sep 25, 2019-

1. Cleaning

Formaldehyde is soluble in water and can be cleaned to remove part of the contamination in curtains. If there is no odor after cleaning, but after hanging up for a period of time, the curtain will taste again, indicating that there are other sources of pollution in your air, because cloth furniture has adsorption function, if there are sources of pollution in the room, curtain will absorb the polluting odor in the air.

2. Ventilation

It is a simple and effective method to open windows and ventilate every day to let the air flow and discharge harmful gases outdoors. The only disadvantage is that the formaldehyde emission cycle is long.

linen curtain

3. Adsorption with Activated Carbon

The use of activated carbon charcoal bags is very effective in the initial stage, because the pore has adsorption potential, the smaller the pore size, the stronger the adsorption potential. However, the market claims that activated carbon can be used after a period of time after drying can be used again is unreliable, the highest temperature of sunlight is only about 50 degrees Celsius, can only evaporate water and so on. After a month, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon becomes weaker and weaker, which needs to be replaced regularly.

4. Placing Green Plants

General room 1~ 2 pots of Chlorophytum, air toxic gas can be absorbed, so Chlorophytum also has "green purifier" of the good name.

5. Air Filter

Air purifier can not only filter smoke, pollen, dust and other sensitizing sources, but also effectively remove the chemical odor produced by home decoration, such as paint, aerosol, new curtains, carpets and furniture.