Method Of Velvet Maintenance

- May 20, 2019-

1. The velvet fabric should avoid frequent friction during the cleaning process, especially the elbow and buttocks. When cleaning, the waves should be washed by hand. Wash it gently with your hands. Do not rub hard. Otherwise, the fluff will fall off and wash. After the win, put it on the hanger to dry, do not stir, do not stretch the suspension, but also note that the velvet fabric should avoid direct sun exposure.

2, Velvet fabric is suitable for washing, not suitable for dry cleaning. After the velvet fabric is dried, do not use the iron to directly press the velvet. Choose a steam block and gently scald at 2-3 cm. The effect is good.

3, Velvet fabric is very hygroscopic, so the collection should be protected from high temperature, high humidity and unclean environment, should be placed in a clean and tidy environment to prevent mildew.

4. During the production and processing of velvet fabric, a small amount of fluff particles remain on it, which is unavoidable. Most of the first wash will be washed out, such as the suit is black, the dark card version such as Sapphire will look more obvious, these are normal.

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