Polyester fabric absorption and antistatic properties

- Jan 05, 2018-

Ordinary polyester fabric has excellent tensile strength and wrinkle resistance, but it also has many disadvantages such as hydrophobicity. The static electricity caused by low electrical conductivity reduces the wearing comfort of the garment. The polyester fabric finished by the hydrophilic polyester technology can be used. Like cotton, it is easy to absorb moisture and wick away and is easy to clean. Velvetol 1471 can be used in both dip dyeing and padding without affecting the main properties of the surface. First, the basic properties: Appearance: gray-white to brown tablets Activity: 97% ionic: non-ionic PH (5%): 6.0 Solubility: can be completely dispersed at 80-85 degrees high-speed stirring: greater than 93 degrees two , Function: After proper heat setting, China VELVET China VELVET fabric supplier supplier still has good durability. Durable moisture wicking function. 1471 Chinese VELVET fabric suppliers and garments are available after heat setting. Like the silicone finishing effect, China VELVET China VELVET fabric supplier supplier and fiber good antistatic agent for China VELVET China VELVET fabric supplier supplier, it has good thermal stability during heat setting to make fiber and Lubrication between fibers, reducing the friction of Chinese VELVET fabric suppliers and reducing the production of creases in Chinese VELVET fabric suppliers to reduce the generation of oligomers, keeping the machine parts clean and hydrophilic, 

thus preventing the secondary precipitation of spinning and knitting oil Improve the dyeing rate of China's VELVET fabric suppliers, thereby reducing the discharge of dyeing waste liquid and increasing dispersion Dry and wet fastness of fuel China VELVET fabric suppliers have been finished after 1471, and have a more Dongchang period. Colleagues are not afraid of acupuncture. China VELVET fabric suppliers are soft and smooth, and drape is good to reduce the generation of static electricity. Liquid preparation step: It is recommended to disperse the product in water until it becomes a dispersion of 15%. Above this concentration,

 the viscosity is too high to form a stable solution. In order to obtain a stable and uniform dispersion, a high-speed agitator or a high-speed shear is required. The following steps are performed: 1) Weigh the required weight of Velvetol 1471 and water 2) Start the stirrer, rotate the speed >300 RPM 3) by adding the concentration 0.2% acetic acid adjusts the pH to 5-6 4) Heats the warm water to 50 degrees Celsius 5) Adds hot steam to Velvetol 1471 to dissolve it 6) Adds melted Velvetol 1471 to 50 degrees Celsius and Warm up to 70 degrees Celsius 7) Mix and mix for 2-3 hours, add nonionic surfactant (1%), penetrant (using high speed stirrer (4000-5000 psi) or high speed shear (greater than 3000 RPM) 8) 0.05%) and a small amount of chelating agent can help to evenly distribute the product and improve the performance of the final application.

 Adding 1-2% PEG 400 can stabilize the product and make the working fluid performance stable and uniform. 9) Filtration before barreling is very important. 4. Dispersion effect. Dispersion made of Velvetol 1471 can be applied to dip dyeing or padding procedures. , to give polyester China VELVET fabric suppliers a variety of properties, can be applied to the following solutions: curl: 0.5-1.0% OWB 0.05-0.1% V-1471 level dye: 2.0-4.O%OWF 0.2-0.4% V-1471 China VELVET fabric supplier finishing: 1.0-3.0 % OWB 0.1-0.3 % V-1471 Avoid the following situations: 1) mixing with cationic surfactant 2) heat setting temperature exceeds 190 degrees 3) PH value in bath exceeds 8.04) Velvetol 1471 Dispersion is added to the barrel together with the electrolyte.

 5. Absorption characteristics and antistatic properties: Velvetol 1471 is used in China VELVET China VELVET fabric supplier to make it have good hydrophilicity and wicking moisture, thus allowing China VELVET China VELVET fabric supplier suppliers get the same finishing effect as cotton. This product also reduces the generation of static electricity in Chinese VELVET fabric suppliers and garments, and quickly shields the generated static electricity with washability. The following table is treated with a concentration of 15 g / liter of Velvetol 1471 dispersion. China's VELVET fabric suppliers have antistatic properties with a liquid absorption rate of 80%. Electrostatic (volt) half-life (seconds before washing 275 washing 30 minutes after 19011.5) Packing: size 25KG / bag