Other Categories Of High-end Sofa Fabrics

- Apr 15, 2019-

According to different ingredients

High-grade sofa fabrics can be divided into full polyester, cotton, linen and so on. For example, the whole polyester cloth can be divided into: suede, super soft velvet, corduroy, chenille and the like.

Classified according to raw material composition

High-grade sofa fabrics are all cotton, linen, and chemical fiber. There are many kinds of chemical fiber, including polyester, acrylic, viscose, rayon and so on. Many chemical fiber fabrics are a mixture of several ingredients. As for silk and wool, it is very rare.

According to the dyeing method

There are dyed, yarn-dyed. The dyeing is to first weave the cloth and then dye the color; the yarn-dyed is to dye the yarn first, then weave the fabric. Regardless of the composition of the cloth, it can be made into a dyed fabric or a dyed fabric. Generally, the monochrome is basically a dyed cloth, and not a single color is a dyed fabric.

Classified according to the type of yarn

High-grade sofa fabrics are also made of suede, chenille and so on. Suede suede is a fabric that looks like suede. It is made of polyester and is very popular on the market. The chenille yarn is a relatively thick yarn that looks furry, and the cloth woven from chenille is called chenille. There are many kinds of ingredients, and polyester and viscose can be made into chenille. This kind of cloth is thicker and the style is rougher. Currently there are more in the market. The fabrics that tell you in the store are basically mixed with various names, not in accordance with uniform standards. Commonly used are suede, chenille, yarn-dyed fabric, cotton cloth, linen. These fabrics are not good or bad, but each has different characteristics.

Classified by price

High-grade sofa fabrics are also the same weight of fabric, polyester is the cheapest, all cotton is more expensive, linen is much more expensive. However, many yarn-dyed fabrics or chenille fabrics are relatively heavy and thick, so the price will be higher.

Different fabrics are suitable for different styles of sofas. Modern styles and sofas with stronger lines are more suitable for cotton or linen; classical styles use chenille and dyed fabrics.

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