Relative Merits Of Velvet Sofa Fabrics

- Nov 19, 2019-

1. Advantages:

Velvet fabric is fluffy, fine texture, soft feel, beautiful and generous. It has elasticity, no shedding, no pilling, good water absorption performance, three times that of cotton products, and no irritation to the skin.

Velvet fluffy stands closely, with elegant color, strong and wear-resistant fabric, not easy to fade, good resilience and elasticity.

Velvet products require high grade, small linear density, good maturity of long and thin Plush high-quality cotton.

Velvet's delicate touch, flowing drape and elegant luster are still incomparable to other fabrics, so it has always been the favorite choice of fashion designers.

2. Disadvantages:

Inadvertently stacking velvet clothing, it is very simple to damage the natural trend of the down, it is difficult to recover, easy to have static electricity.

Because of the characteristics of velvet itself, the surface is composed of dense small fluffy. In the process of fabric production and processing, some small fluffy particles will remain on the clothes, which is inevitable. Generally in the previous several times of washing will wash out, especially black, royal blue, carbon gray and other dark clothing will be more obvious.