Selection Of Curtain Fabrics

- May 14, 2019-

1. The choice of curtain fabrics, curtain fabrics generally have four kinds of printed fabrics, dyed fabrics, dyed fabrics, and printed fabrics. The advantages and styles of each fabric are different. Consumers can use their own actual conditions. The demand or the seller's suggestion to purchase.

2, the color of curtain fabric is also diverse, there are colored, warm color, light color, the choice of curtain fabric color and decoration style, furniture mix, color and mood, feeling, transparency, stain resistance There is a big relationship.

3, the choice of curtain fabric pattern is also very important, for example, the larger space can choose large flower type, the room should choose a smaller flower.

4, can be touched by hand, the hand feel can be perceived whether the curtain fabric is delicate or not, whether the drape is good, by observing whether the color of the curtain fabric is uniform.