Selection Of Hotel Curtain

- Apr 27, 2019-

1, The relationship between curtains and noise

Can your home curtains give you a good night's sleep? Moderately maintaining the darkness and quiet of the room helps to improve the quality of the rest. Our first concern is the sound insulation effect of the curtains. The use of double curtains or soundproof curtains not only prevents the light from slipping into the room too early, but also has a certain noise reduction effect.

Even if we are staying at home, our side is not absolutely quiet. When the indoor continuous noise pollution exceeds 30 decibels - equivalent to the volume of the low ear canal, people's normal sleep will be disturbed. In a noisy environment with a life of more than 70 decibels, people's hearing and health will be seriously affected. According to this standard, our home is actually full of noise. However, compared with the car noise of many years and the roar of factory machines, the damage to our health is very hidden and makes us more difficult to prevent.

2, The relationship between curtains and light

If you want to take a comfortable nap during the day, it is best to choose a shaded curtain for the bedroom, cotton or flocked fabric. In the study room and restaurant, there is usually no need for too strong light. Blinds can be used to facilitate light adjustment. The consideration of light should take into account the changes in the four seasons. It is not possible to purchase the season only to consider the effect of the season. Consider the glare of the summer, and also consider the heating in the winter.

3, Curtains and home hygiene

The choice of curtains must take into account that the curtains are close to the window. Compared with other furnishings in the room, he should be considered a damp accessory, so the choice of curtain material should take into account the effects of moisture, mildew and dust.

4, The fire resistance of curtain materials

hotel curtains Everyone knows that most of the fire casualties are caused by suffocation, so the choice of curtain materials should take into account the flame retardant and fireproof performance.