Senior Gray Sofa, Build Your Home

- Mar 29, 2019-

Gray is a neutral color, so how is the neutral color sofa perfectly matched with other colors? When choosing a sofa, you have to consider the fabric, size, material, shape, etc., which makes you dizzy. But there is a way to make this process simple, no matter what you do, choose gray is right!

 Gray sofa

First, it is neutral

Gray is a blend of black and white with little or no base color for a particular color, it is the most neutral hue. This means it can be perfectly matched to any color. Gray can make colors popular, such as making black vivid and making white fresher and cleaner. So, for a gray sofa, you can use any color pillow to make accessories. Trends come and go, but gray is a constant trend.


Second, it is essential for cool colors

Light blue, green, purple and anything, these cold colors are better than gray, but they may conflict with warm colors, like beige, sand or taupe, if used with black, it will not look very good. Match. For those who like cool colors, especially those who are afraid of white sofas being dirty, grey sofas are a good choice!


Third, the gray and strong colors are perfect match.

It is worth noting that although we may think of gray as "cold", in reality the gray is not warm or cold. So it is also suitable for warm colors such as red, orange, yellow and pink.

Gray and brown can also create subtle warmth while still maintaining the overall effect.


Fourth, it blends various colors together

In addition to being coordinated with any individual color, grey also has the magic of connecting different colors and creating a seamless space.


Five, you can create a simple form

Gray has excellent quality (especially in the dark and shadows), so even the simplest sofa looks very high-profile, like wearing a bright gray fabric.

Tip: When you are shopping in a big supermarket and see the sale of a replaceable sofa cover, consider buying a fun, colorful, summer-like sofa cover so you can keep the winter dark gray on the sofa You can adapt to the new environment when you change your place.


Sixth, have a warm side

Gray and linen, twill pillows, light wood, or knitted blankets, can also be as soft as beige and white.

Although it is not a fixed warm color, as long as you find the matching object, the gray can also become very warm and very emotional.


Seven, can be very cool

Some people prefer fashion and customization. These stylish and custom graphic patterns or gorgeous accessories, mostly silver, luxurious gold or black lines (not to mention the glossy hardwood floor), and gray is their perfect complement, it makes the whole space even more cool.


Eight, can be luxurious

Gray also has a luxurious side! Gray balances light and darkness, and it works in touchable materials such as fluff, soft wool and timeless tweed. So, when you are looking for a quality sofa, the smart choice is to choose a grey sofa.


Nine, it is a feature

In a family, grey sofas become a feature.

In a gentle neutral shade, the grey sofa adds balance to the white weight, highlighting the subtle changes around.

Light and dark, cool tones and warm tones, as well as a variety of texture contrasts, make the visual effects of the entire space more diverse and interesting. The speciality of the gray sofa (relative to other furniture) also gives you a lot of room for manoeuvre. You can not only put a blanket, but also add a pillow on it to reduce the weight of the entire vision to achieve the best results.

 Gray sofas