Characteristics of linen cotton fabric manufacturers

- Jul 05, 2018-

The characteristics of Chinese linen cotton fabric manufacturers, how to identify Chinese linen cotton fabric manufacturers? Chinese linen cotton fabric manufacturers are relatively soft, have strong water absorption, good air permeability, no skin itching, redness and other skin problems when in contact with skin, suitable for children's underwear, underwear, home clothes, bedding, etc., Chinese linen cotton fabric Manufacturers are relatively high-end knitwear, manufacturers are often shoddy, then what method do we use to identify whether it is pure cotton?捻: Put the fabric in your hand with your hand and let it go. If it is wrinkled, it means that the cotton is mostly composed. On the contrary, it is the other ingredients.

Look: the cotton fabric is lighter in gloss, the reflection is not strong, it looks softer, the simplest is to look at the wash water mark of the bedding: 100% cotton.

Touch: The texture of cotton fabric is softer and more comfortable than other textures (except for silk, of course).

Cover: The cotton bedding cover is easy to absorb moisture and has no sultry feeling.

Burning: If conditions permit, draw a piece of fabric fiber or a small piece of fabric to burn, the cotton will be completely burnt, accompanied by the smell of burning paper, the ash is black, and the hand can be completely mashed.

The choice of dyeing and finishing process for Chinese linen cotton fabric manufacturers is mainly based on the variety, specifications and finished product requirements of fabrics, which can be divided into bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing.

1. The bleaching natural fiber contains impurities. In the textile processing process, various pastes, oils and contaminated dirt are added. The presence of these impurities not only hinders the smooth progress of dyeing and finishing, but also affects the taking of fabrics. performance. The purpose of bleaching is to apply chemical and physical mechanical action to remove impurities on the fabric, make the fabric white and soft, have good penetrating properties, meet the requirements of taking, and provide qualified semi-finished products for dyeing, printing and finishing.