Linen fabric dyeing

- Oct 18, 2018-

The linen fabric is dyed with low color and poor soaping fastness, which is lower than the cotton fabric. For this reason, it is necessary to strengthen the pre-treatment process of degumming and removing impurities of linen fabric; when dyeing, strictly control the amount of caustic soda; The post-treatment of the polysaccharide can improve the soaping fastness of the active dyeing. The reactive dye dyeing test of the linen fabric with different degree of degumming is carried out, and the K/S value of the dyeing fastness and the dyeing depth of the soaping sample is determined. The influence of the dyeing fastness of Chinese linen cotton fabric manufacturers on the dyeing fastness was analyzed. It is believed that the low dyeing fastness of linen fabric is mainly related to the biological content of Chinese linen cotton fabric manufacturer. One of the dyeing fastness of linen fabric is improved. The important way is to reduce the content of companion organisms in Chinese linen cotton fabric manufacturers or to reduce the shedding of the Chinese linen cotton fabric manufacturers.

Chinese linen cotton fabric manufacturers have many excellent properties, but due to the low cellulose content in the fiber, there are many celluloses associated with lignin and hemicellulose, which makes the hemp fabrics have many difficulties in dyeing and processing. . On the basis of a large number of other natural cellulose fiber processing and modification methods, this paper modified hemp fabrics in order to improve the dyeing and taking performance of hemp fabrics. The raw material used in this project is pure hemp raw fabric. Because the quality of the pretreatment process directly affects the dyeing performance of the fabric dyeing, in order to obtain the hemp fabric that can meet the requirements of subsequent dyeing and modification, the first discussion is about marijuana. The pretreatment process of the fabric. The hemp fabric was scoured by two methods: acid-base scouring and enzyme scouring. The acid scouring treatment has a good effect on the removal of lignin in the Chinese linen cotton fabric manufacturer, and the alkali scouring can improve the capillary effect of the hemp fabric and maintain a good strength. Due to the obvious improvement of the prickle sensation of the fabric by biological enzymes, the common three kinds of textile enzymes were used in the scouring part to treat the hemp fabric, which were refined enzyme, pectinase and enzyme, and achieved good results. . After the enzyme enzyme and pectinase were compounded, the capillary effect of the fabric increased from 14.5cm to 17.8cm, and the bending length of the fabric decreased from 38.6cm to 27.7cm. The bending strength also changed from the original. The decrease of 573N to 213N indicates that the capillary effect and softness of the fabric are greatly improved. And the single-sided compression performance of the fabric has also been improved. The length of the fabric's hairiness has dropped from 0.604mm to 0.554mm. The pressure at the boundary point has dropped from 1.05cN to 0.87cN.