The Role Of Curtain Fabric

- May 09, 2019-

Decorative effect

The color, style, pattern of the curtain fabric itself and the size of the form itself will convey a signal about the style. In interior design, curtains can both ruin the overall style and add color to the space. It is an important factor in interior decoration.

Adjusting the light effect

Curtains can effectively adjust the light, and at certain times and circumstances, the curtains are also a necessity to adjust the atmosphere.

Isolated temperature effect

In the hot summer days, when the sun is strong, the curtains can be lowered to lower the indoor temperature. Conversely, in the cold winter, the low temperature outside the window can be resisted.

Sound insulation

Block some outdoor noise and improve indoor quietness.

Spatial division and privacy

In fact, the most direct purpose of installing curtains indoors is to block the sight of outdoor people and protect personal privacy.