Use A Cushion To Boost Your Home's Face Value

- Apr 26, 2019-

When I get back home and lie on a soft sofa, I want to hold a soft little thing - a cushion, as a cushion for a home soft suit, the status in the home industry is already equal to the status of the handbag in the fashion world.

Matching Skills

Light-colored sofas with light-colored cushions, similar colors can blend the entire space, some simple patterns, and can distinguish the sofa from the cushion.

The light-colored sofa is matched with bright-colored cushions, and the contrast of colors makes the space of pure color bring a different feeling.

Use a dark sofa to match the light-colored cushion, which can bring the heavy breath brought by the sofa to the slow transition to the overall bright color atmosphere, and use the cushion as a balance point to match.

The dark sofa can also be matched with cute and cartoon bright cushions. The uniform is the function of embellishment, which can alleviate the heavy feeling brought by the dark sofa and enhance the style of the living room.

When we buy a cushion, we need to pay attention to the comfort of the inner core. Commonly, sponge, cotton, hollow cotton, etc., choose the right material according to their own fitness.

The outer packaging materials of the cushions are selected according to their own hobbies and the overall style of the sofa. Common materials are: plain cotton, twill cotton, cashmere, satin, nylon, canvas and so on.

The choice of cushions is not complicated, either the colors are similar or the colors are contrasting.