What Are The Differences Between Printed Curtains And Burnt Out Curtains?

- Mar 02, 2020-

1. Difference of decorative pattern
Usually printed curtains can only have a clear pattern on the front, and the pattern on the back is only from the front because there is no printing, so it is hazy.
The front and back sides of the rotten flower curtains are almost the same and clear flower patterns. In that case, there is another feature of using the rotten flower curtains, that is to say, from the window side, you can see good-looking curtains.
2. Difference of processing technology
Rotten flower processing technology is to use two kinds of chemical fiber blended textile products with different acid resistance. After the acid rotten pulp printing and chemical processing, the part of the chemical fiber which is not resistant to acid will be rotted. The exposed acid resistant chemical fiber part produces bright flower pattern, which makes its appearance gorgeous and has a high-end colorful feeling.
Printing cloth: the method of installing transfer or circular screen on the pure grey cloth to print the color tone and flower pattern is called dyeing cloth. Its characteristics: bright color, colorful and meticulous flower pattern.
3. Difference of fabric material
(1) Printing curtain: printing cloth is a method of installing transfer or circular screen on solid grey cloth to print color and flower pattern. Today's printing curtains are mostly heat transfer printing, that is to say, printing flowers on paper first, and then using heat transfer printing machine to print on cloth, so we have to print flowers after making a good version. Usually, after the new pattern design comes down, we must first print and plate, one tone and one plate.
(2) Burnt out curtain: the burnt out processing technology is a printing process in which corrosive chemicals are printed on the surface of two or more kinds of chemical fibers, and then a chemical fiber component is damaged by drying and processing technology to produce a flower pattern. Generally, it is used for mechanical equipment textile, such patterns or convex and concave orderly, or to show transparent color Among them, the efficacy and wide application of rotten flower curtains are relatively extensive. Rotten flower curtains have the characteristics of softness, nature and moisture absorption and ventilation.