What Are The Types Of Sofa Cushions

- Feb 20, 2020-

1、 How much is the whole set of sofa cushions
The price of sofa cushion is related to material and size. We can usually buy finished sofa cushions directly online, or we can customize the size you want. So, how much is the whole set of sofa cushions?
1. The whole set of new Chinese style non slip sofa cushions costs about 30-120 yuan.
2. The whole set of all season universal waterproof sofa cushions costs about 20-100 yuan.
3. In summer, the whole set of armrest towel and sofa cushion costs about 160-400 yuan.
4. The whole set of thick sponge sofa cushions costs about 30-150 yuan.
5. Four seasons warm home garden style sofa cushion set about 40-130 yuan.
6. Plush and thickened dual-purpose dirty resistant sofa cushion costs about 50-120 yuan.
2、 Types of sofa cushions
1. Pure cotton sofa cushion
Pure cotton sofa cushion is more suitable for use in spring and autumn. It can also be used in winter. It's too hot in summer. Pure cotton products are popular with many people. They are easy to clean and won't pilling.

2. Bamboo sofa cushion
Bamboo sofa cushion is suitable for use in sofa with simple style. The style is classical. It's cool and comfortable in summer, not suitable for winter. This kind of cushion is easy to clean and ventilate.

3. Super soft short plush sofa cushion
Super soft short plush sofa cushion is suitable for use on high-grade cloth sofa. If it is well matched, it can improve the environment of the whole home. It is very comfortable to touch and easy to clean.

4. Thickened Plush sofa cushion
The thickened Plush sofa cushion is only suitable for use in winter. It can be used with various types of sofas, which is beautiful and practical. Its advantage is that it can bring people warm and comfortable feeling. But because this kind of cloth is thick and strong in water absorption, it is troublesome to clean.

5. Vegetable fiber sofa cushion
The vegetable fiber sofa cushion is generally used in summer, with a cool feeling of ice. The antiskid effect of this kind of sofa cushion is good, not easy to break, and the price is very affordable. Its biggest characteristic is that it can absorb sweat and ventilate, and it is easy to customize.

6. Linen sofa cushion
Flax sofa cushion is made of pure natural materials. This kind of cushion has the function of waterproof, strong decoration and air permeability. Its advantage is high temperature resistance, can effectively reduce the real temperature of people.