What Do You Know About So Many Home Textile Fabrics?

- Feb 22, 2020-

Coral velvet
Coral velvet is a new type of fabric. Coral velvet, as the name implies, is a kind of coral like textile fabric with colorful and good coverage.
Coral velvet is made of imported DTY microfiber.
Monofilament has fine size and small bending modulus, so its fabric has outstanding softness.
The fiber density is high, the specific surface area is large, so the coverage is good.
The fiber has a large specific surface area, so it has a high core absorption effect and permeability. It is comfortable to wear and has good decontamination performance. Because the fiber fabric is soft and can closely fit with the object to be wiped, it has a good cleaning effect
Due to the large specific surface area of the fiber, the light reflection on the surface of the fiber aggregate is poor. Therefore, the fabric made of this fiber is light and elegant in color and soft.
Features: fine texture, soft hand, no pilling, no fading, but due to the principle of weaving, the hair will drop slightly. Excellent water absorption, three times that of cotton products. No irritation to skin, no allergy. Beautiful appearance and rich colors. It is a new alternative product of Cotton Bathrobe in China.
English Name: flanno, flannel flannel is a foreign language. It is a soft and fluffy wool fabric made of combed wool yarn. It was founded in Wales, England, in the 18th century. In China, it generally refers to the woolen fabric with the style of jacquard, which is made of mixed color combed woolen yarn. There is a layer of full, fine and clean fluffy covering in it, with no exposed texture, soft and flat hand feel, and slightly thinner body bone than that of merden.
The production of flannel is to dye part of wool first, then mix some of the primary color wool, mix and spin it into mixed color wool yarn, and then knit it into fabric and finish it by shrinking and pulling. Most of them are made of twill or plain weave. In addition to the whole wool, the raw materials used are generally wool viscose blended, and some are blended with a small amount of nylon fiber to improve wear resistance.
Features: the color of flannel is pure and generous. It can be divided into light grey, medium grey and deep grey. It is suitable for making. The flannelette is covered with a layer of full, fine and clean fluff, which does not show the texture. It is soft and smooth, and its body bone is slightly thinner than that of merden. The flannelette is finished by shrinking and raising, with full hand feel and fine suede.
Velvet is the name of a silk fabric in which the velvet warp forms a loop or pile on the surface of the fabric. Also known as Zhangrong, it is named for its origin in Zhangzhou area, Fujian Province, China. Ming Dynasty has a large number of production, is one of the traditional Chinese fabrics. There are two categories of flowers and vegetables, such as double-sided velvet four in one Ruyi embroidered dragon patching women's clothes and blue single-sided velvet women's clothes unearthed in the Ming Tombs of Beijing.
The raw material of velvet is 22-30 cocoon grade a raw silk, which also uses silk as the warp and cotton yarn as the "ground" interwoven with weft. It is made of silk or rayon. Both warp and weft are degummed or semi degummed, dyed, twisted and then woven.
Features: Velvet fluffy, fine texture, soft feel, beautiful and generous. Elastic, no shedding, no pilling, good water absorption.
Golden velvet is a kind of textile, which is woven with silk and viscose filament as raw materials, and its ground structure is plain weave, and it is a double-layer warp fleece fabric. The pile is thick, long and slightly inclined, but not as smooth as other kinds of pile. It is generally used for fashionable casual women's wear, curtain and decorative articles.
It is used in women's wear, home curtain cloth, car decoration cloth, sofa cover cloth, trunk lining, cushion and other fields, especially after printing, it is more suitable for public places such as hotels, hotels, theatres and home decoration.
Features: the golden velvet fabric feels silky, smooth and tough. Although it will shed some hair, it is soft and skin friendly after cleaning.
Yang Li Rong
It is also called fleece. It is woven by a large round machine. After weaving, the grey cloth is dyed first, and then processed by a variety of complex processes, such as drawing, combing, shearing and shaking.
Cashmere: generally 100% polyester.
According to polyester specifications, it can be divided into: filament, spun and micro polar fleece.
Among them, superfine is the best in quality and the highest in price! In addition, there is also drop needle polar fleece, which accounts for a large proportion.
At the same time, there are also cashmere with spandex. Because the quality is difficult to master, the technology needs to be further improved.
The price of short fiber cashmere is slightly higher than that of long fiber cashmere.
Polyester is a chemical fabric, collectively referred to as polyester fiber.
Features: the front of the fabric is brushed, the grains are fluffy and dense, but it is not easy to shed and pilling, the back is brushed sparsely and evenly, the hairs are short, the texture is clear, and the fluffy elasticity is excellent.
So, do you understand?