What Fabric Is Best For A Sofa

- Mar 19, 2021-

The sofa fabric is a general term or abbreviation for the textile fabrics used in the manufacture of various sofas.

Sofa fabrics include imitation linen cloth, chenille, jacquard cloth, composite cloth, suede, flocking cloth, bronzing cloth, embossed cloth.

What factors should be paid attention to in the purchase of the sofa?

First of all, a good hand feel is a key factor, and the grade of the sofa can be directly judged by touch.

Secondly, in addition to the good hand feel that most people think, when choosing a sofa, you should also pay attention to whether the sofa is wear-resistant, that is, its practicality. The practicality of the sofa generally means that the sofa should be wear-resistant and dirt-resistant, because the sofa is not like clothes that can be cleaned at any time when it is dirty, so when choosing a sofa, you should choose a dirt-resistant sofa.

After continuous experiments and user satisfaction surveys, it is concluded that flocking sand is commonly used for release. And some people who pay attention to hand feel can choose viscose fabric. The wear-resistant sofa is generally a thicker flocking cloth.