What Fabric Is Chenille

- May 13, 2020-

Chenille fabrics are mainly used for ornaments, it is used for curtains or sofa covers, but also for clothes. The chenille fabric is a relatively fine core yarn, which is composed of two yarns, and he has a very thick feeling. The overall feel and other properties are also excellent, and the water absorption and suspension properties are particularly good.


Chenille fabric has many advantages.

1. Appearance

It has a very thick feeling, and the overall appearance looks very light, this can be made into a very beautiful pattern or flower type, the overall look is very high-end, and it is particularly elegant and luxurious, whether it is placed in Everywhere is very beautiful, the combination of decoration and practicality makes the whole room look very graceful and luxurious, showing a very noble feeling.

2. Touch feeling

Its fabric is a core yarn made of fiber strands, and its entire surface is very full, it has a velvety touch to the touch, the whole feel is very soft, and it is particularly comfortable.

3. Suspension

This fabric has a very good suspension, it can be perpendicular to the ground, to maintain this texture, so that the entire room is very large and very beautiful.

4. Shading

This curtain can be shaded, can adapt to people's demand for a different intensity of light, can mature and strong sunlight in summer, and has a very good warming effect in winter, can improve the climate and environment of the entire room! , And it can also be anti-allergic and anti-static.

5. Hygroscopicity

This noodle is very hygroscopic, it can absorb moisture that is much different from its own weight, and it feels very dry. Many people like it very much.