What Is A Linen Fabric Curtain

- May 13, 2019-

Linen fabric has a very strong heat dissipation performance, which is 5 times that of traditional wool fabric and 19 times that of silk fabric. Therefore, linen fabric is especially suitable for making summer clothes. This kind of clothes is particularly cool!

At the same time, the water absorption performance of the linen fabric is also particularly strong. The unit linen fabric fiber can absorb more than 20 times its own weight of water, so the linen fabric clothes are particularly dry and will not feel moist and suffocating.

Based on the above analysis of linen fabrics, let us briefly introduce the advantages and disadvantages of linen fabric curtains.

linen curtain

Advantages of linen fabric curtains:

1. The heat dissipation performance of linen fabric curtains is very good, so the use of linen curtains in the hot summer will make people feel cool.

2. Linen curtains have a particularly strong water absorption capacity, so the use of linen fabric in a damp environment will keep the surrounding environment relatively dry, making people feel more suitable.

3. Flax plants have extremely low requirements for living environment, and do not require a large amount of spraying pesticides, so it is safer for human skin.

4. Linen fabric is a natural fiber fabric, people will not be allergic, but also have a certain ability to prevent ultraviolet rays.