What Is Fabric?

- Feb 24, 2020-

It doesn't have to be linen or cotton, it doesn't have to be patterned,
Natural fibers or synthetic fibers are also made of fabrics. Natural fibers are mainly cotton, hemp, wool, synthetic fibers are mainly polyester, nylon, acrylic, vinylon, chlorine, etc. there are also some special fabrics, which will use other special fibers such as various metal fibers, bamboo carbon fibers, etc.
Fabrics are divided into woven fabrics (woven fabrics) and knitted fabrics, as well as nonwovens (non-woven fabrics).
Woven fabric is formed by the intersection of the warp and weft directions of the yarn according to a certain rule, which is generally not elastic, such as the fabric of shirts or suits; knitted fabric is formed by the winding of the yarn according to a certain rule, which is soft and elastic, and the common cotton t-shirts and underwear are generally knitted; nonwoven fabric is formed by the random arrangement of short fibers or filament fibers through the direction After reinforcement, it is formed with low cost, fast production and wide use. The lining of common make-up cotton, diapers and some clothes is nonwovens.
These are all fabrics. They have a wide range of concepts. They are not necessarily made of cotton, hemp or pattern. Maybe you mean the arrangement rule of yarn, but the non-woven fabric has no arrangement rule.