Identification of linen cotton fabric manufacturers

- Jul 03, 2018-

What is the Chinese linen cotton fabric manufacturer, the identification of Chinese linen cotton fabric manufacturers:

Chinese linen cotton fabric manufacturers use cotton as raw material, through looms, textiles that are intertwined by warp and weft yarns. The cotton material is hygroscopic, hygroscopic, alkali resistant and hygienic, and has been welcomed by many consumers. But how to wash cotton clothes is the best way? I am here to help you:

Check the fabric for maintenance marks first. If so, follow the manufacturer's instructions. If not, then you must first test to determine the best washing method. Stains on bedding, such as bedspreads, are generally water-soluble stains. In addition, since 100% of the cotton fabric tends to absorb impurities or fading in the solvent during dry cleaning, water washing may prove to be the best washing method. You can measure the size of the pile fabric before washing to ensure that shrinkage occurs after washing to remediate.

Look for a small piece of inconspicuous place on the pile fabric to test the color fastness with water and detergent. It is best to test with the cleaning agent used for washing, as the results obtained are accurate. If the color fastness is ok, use a warm water and a pre-selected cleaner to perform a machine wash in the normal procedure. (The hot water may cause shrinkage.) In the final cleaning stage, some pulp may be added to enhance the firmness of the fabric.

If you want this fabric to have a smooth and hard look, then put the pile fabric on the water washing machine for pressing. But be careful not to clip the plastic strap ( buckle) or the metal zipper to the upper and lower splints of the clipper. If you want to get a soft feeling, put it in the dryer and dry it by cotton fabric, and finally press it like any cotton fabric.