What Is Velvet Fabric

- May 27, 2019-

The velvet structure is usually a weft-knitted loop structure, which can be generally divided into ground yarn and loop yarn. It is often made of various materials such as cotton, eye, viscose, polyester and nylon. Different materials can be used for weaving according to different purposes.


Velvet is divided into two types: flowers and vegetarians. The surface of the velvet velvet looks like a loop, while the velvet velvet cuts the part of the pile into a pile of fluff, which is composed of fluff and loop. Flower velvet can be divided into two types: "light flower" and "dark flower". Most of the pattern patterns are Tuanlong, Tuanfeng, Wufu, and flowers and birds, Bogu and other styles. The texture is often expressed by concave and convex, and the color is black. The sauce is purple, apricot, blue and brown.

velvet upholstery fabric 1