What Kind Of Fabric Is Swan Plush, And How To Maintain Velvet?

- Feb 17, 2020-

1、 Know velvet
Velvet has a long history. It has been produced in large quantities in Ming Dynasty. It is one of the traditional Chinese fabrics. It originated in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China, so it is also called Zhangrong. There are two kinds of velvet: flower velvet and plain velvet. The flower velvet is to cut part of the velvet ring into fluff according to the pattern. The fluff and the fluff ring alternate to form the pattern. The surface of the plain velvet is all fluff ring. Velvet fluffy or velvet ring stands closely, with the characteristics of luster, wear resistance, not easy to fade, etc., which can be used for clothing, bedding and other fabrics.
Velvet fabric is made of cocoon grade a raw silk, silk as warp, cotton as weft, and silk or rayon as loop. Both warp and weft are degummed or semi degummed, dyed, twisted and then woven. According to different uses, different materials can be used for weaving. In addition to the silk and rayon mentioned above, different materials such as cotton, eye, viscose, polyester and nylon can also be used for weaving. So velvet fabric is not really made of velvet, but its feel and texture are as smooth and glossy as velvet.
2、 Characteristics of velvet fabric
1. Velvet fabric is a kind of good material for clothing, hat and ornament, which is characterized by close pile or velvet ring, elegant color, firm wear resistance. Not only has a strong comfort, but also by a kind of elegant feeling, very cultural atmosphere.
2. The raw material of velvet is 22-30 cocoon grade a raw silk, which also uses silk as the warp and cotton yarn as the "ground" interwoven with weft. It is made of silk or rayon. Both warp and weft are degummed or semi degummed, dyed, twisted and then woven. It is light and durable, gorgeous but not glamorous, luxurious and generous, and born with a noble spirit.
3、 How to maintain velvet
1. In the process of cleaning, velvet fabric should avoid frequent friction, especially the elbow and hip position. When cleaning, jinglang should wash it by hand, and wash it by hand with light pressure. It is not allowed to rub it forcefully, or it will make the wool fall off. After cleaning, it will be placed on the hanger to dry. It is not allowed to stir and hang. At the same time, it should be noted that velvet fabric should avoid direct sun exposure.
2. Velvet fabric is suitable for washing, not dry cleaning. After drying the velvet fabric, do not press the velvet directly with the iron. Do a good job of choosing the steam block. The distance is 2-3cm and the effect is the best.
3. Velvet fabric is very hygroscopic, so it should be stored in a clean and tidy environment to prevent mildew.
4. During the production and processing of velvet fabric, a small part of fluff particles will remain on it, which is inevitable. Most of them will be washed out in the first washing, such as black suits, dark color cards such as royal blue will look more obvious, which are normal.
After reading the above introduction, do you also like velvet? Who doesn't like beautiful things? It's important that if you really have the supplies of velvet fabric, you should take good care of them according to their characteristics.