What Should I Pay Attention To When Buying Curtains

- Mar 25, 2019-

The style and size of the curtain:

In terms of style, the curtains of small rooms are generally more compact, so that the space is narrower because of the complexity of the curtains. For large rooms, it is better to adopt a more generous, stylish and refined style. The width of the curtain is generally about 10cm wide on both sides than the window. The bottom should be determined by the window style. The short curtain should also be longer than the bottom line of the window sill. The curtain should be 2~3cm away from the ground. .


Curtain color:

The color of the curtains should match the color of the interior walls, floors and furnishings to create a harmonious and harmonious environment. The walls are white or lightly ivory, the furniture is yellow or grey, and the curtains should be orange. The walls are light blue, the furniture is light yellow, and the curtains should be white and blue. The walls are light green, the furniture is ochre, green or brown, and the curtains should be medium green or grass green. The curtain room is available in dark and plain colours. The room of the newlyweds, the curtains should be bright and colorful to add a festive atmosphere. In terms of seasons, spring and autumn are suitable for medium colors, such as beige, light dark green, yellow, pink, etc. Summer is white, beige, light gray, sky blue, lake green, etc., in winter, brown, dark green, purple, Dark coffee is suitable for color.


Curtain fabric texture:

When choosing the texture of the curtain, you should first consider the function of the room. For example, the bathroom and the kitchen should choose fabrics that are more practical and easy to wash, and the style is simple and smooth. Luxury and beautiful fabrics can be chosen in the living room and dining room. The curtains in the bedroom are the places we should worry about. It requires thick, warm and safe to ensure the privacy of life and sleep comfort. The study curtains should have good light transmission and bright performance, and adopt elegant colors to make people feel calm and good for work and study. Seasonal factors should also be considered when choosing curtain fabrics. The curtains are made of soft yarn or silk for breathable and cool. In winter, thick wire cloth should be used, which is thick and warm. Flower cloth curtains are suitable for all seasons, but especially the sky is lively and bright. Curtain fabrics of different textures will produce different decorative effects. Velvet, forging, jacquard fabrics and lace decorations give a sense of grace and grandeur. Grid cloth, lamp heart area, earth cloth, etc. can create a comfortable and comfortable style. It is best not to be too smooth and shiny for curtain fabrics, because such fabrics are easy to reflect light, irritate the eyes, and give people a cold feeling.


Curtain fabric pattern:

There are two main types of curtain fabrics, namely: abstract (also called geometric), such as squares, circles, stripes and other shapes, and natural (material forms), such as animals, stolen goods, landscapes and so on. When choosing a curtain pattern, it should not be too trivial to consider the effect of pleating. It is not advisable to choose a beveled surface for the curtain pattern, otherwise it will cause a sense of tilt. Large rooms should have a horizontal pattern.