Why Is The Height Of The Sofa Generally Around 90 Cm? What Are The Sofa Materials?

- Jan 02, 2020-

Why is the height of the sofa generally around 90 cm?

If the height of the sofa wall socket is 90cm, it is just right, it will not be high or low, so it is very simple to usually charge on the sofa. And with your legs on the ground and your knees at right angles to the ground, it's more comfortable.

The size of a standard two-seater sofa is generally between 1400mm and 2000mm in width and about 700mm in depth. Of course, these numbers are not a fixed number. It is a fluctuation range. Within this range or a similar size, the standard two-seater sofa size All are more reasonable. There is also a range of about 80mm when the person sits on the sofa. If the figures of a two-seat sofa can be almost the same, then its sofa size is the size of a standard two-seat sofa.

What are the sofa materials?

1. Cotton sofa: Cotton sofa is soft, breathable, natural and environmentally friendly, and is closer to the skin. When you buy, you can choose to feel delicate, soft and thick, and the color looks more uniform.

2. Flannel sofa: The velvet sofa is more delicate and has a softer touch. Whenever you buy, try to choose a sofa with uniform color and good gloss. If it is a long-pile fleece, you can touch it back and forth with your hands. No obvious discoloration and whitening are the best. The short-pile fleece is as dense as possible, and the thicker the velvet is.

3, linen sofa: linen sofa has good thermal conductivity, and the texture is compact without losing the soft, moderately soft and hard, the advantage is relatively wear-resistant, does not fade, and will not pilling, placed in a humid place will not mold.

4, blended sofa: cotton and chemical fiber materials blended, can show the visual effects of silk, velvet or linen, but the pattern and color is not very pure.